Commute alternatives can be good for your employees, the planet, and your bottom line.

Many of your employees who drive alone to work may be concerned that their commute may be too expensive or stressful. They may also be questioning the impact that their commute has on the environment.

San Benito RideShare commuter programs for employees encourage carpooling, vanpooling, biking or walking to work, taking transit, and working from home. The benefits to your company and your employees are countless. By implementing a commuter program in the workplace, employers benefit from:

  • Stronger employee morale. Ridesharing promotes employee wellness, productivity, and retention
  • Reduced commute costs for employees. Save money on commuting and increase take-home pay
  • A smaller carbon footprint from your organization. Protect the earth and the environment for future generations
  • Reduced demand on parking resources. Insufficient parking is one less hassle for you and your employees to deal with.


San Benito RideShare partners with employers to promote alternative transportation at the workplace. Stronger employee morale and improved productivity enhance employees’ experience by decreasing commute costs and help position your company as a green organization.

For employer information, call 831-637-POOL (7665) or e-mail info@sanbenitorideshare.org.