Join a Vanpool

Let’s Van Together!

Vanpools are a comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient way for groups of up to 12 people to share their ride to work. Vanpools reduce stress, help the environment, and save you money.

Vanpool Benefits:

  • Eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program
  • Maintain a steady schedule
  • Shares the cost of commute
  • Helps save money on auto insurance premiums
  • Qualifies for the HOV lanes
  • Eligible for Federal Tax


What do I need to drive a Vanpool?

  • Class C driver’s license
  • Valid medical certificate
  • Sworn statement that the driver has not been convicted of reckless driving, drunk driving, or hit-and-run offense in the last five years are required.
  • Passengers only need to sign the Rider Agreement

“Benefits include reduced private vehicle maintenance, driver stress limited to one rider, more cars off the road, not subject to train and bus delays, maximum use of the diamond line, and then the cost savings!” – Vanpool Driver


How Can I Join a Vanpool?

San Benito RideShare leases low cost vanpool vehicles to commuters traveling to or from San Benito County.  Joining a vanpool is easy. Call us at 831-637-POOL (7665) or e-mail