Bike Tips & FAQs

Visit’s Commute by Bike before starting out. Check your equipment, find a Bike Buddy, and know what route you will take. Know and respect the rules of the road! – Commute by Bike

Frequently Asked Questions / Comments

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Q: I am concerned about safely riding my bike to work.

A: For maximum safety, take your rightful place in traffic and obey all traffic laws. With advance planning, you can find a route that avoids heavy traffic and other potential hazards. Consider taking a safety course, and learn more about bike classes being offered in your area.

Q: Will biking lengthen my commute?

A: It depends. Some commutes will take longer by bicycle, while others, particularly short distance commutes, may be much quicker and more reliable because you won’t have to sit in traffic or wait for a delayed bus. If your ride is roughly five miles or less, it will only take about 25 minutes. The time you spend on your bicycle may be more relaxing and rewarding than other commute alternatives. Your commute by bike doubles as a workout so that’s one less trip to the gym you have to make!

Q: How expensive is biking?

A: You may need to make an initial investment, but even if you buy a new bike and equipment, it should pay off in lower commute costs in no time. It’s best to purchase a bike from a bicycle dealer who will fit the bike to you and provide follow-up adjustments and repair. You can get a good, reliable bike for just a few hundred dollars, especially if it’s going to be used only for short distances. And if you’re taking your bike outside or parking it at a transit station, you’re probably better off with a less expensive bike that won’t be a target for bike thieves.

Q: Will my clothes get wrinkled on the way to work?

A: On a short, relatively flat ride, you will likely arrive in good shape. For longer rides, you’ll find that racks, bike bags and special baskets are great for carrying a change of clothes to work wrinkle-free. You can also leave a small stock of work clothes at the office or use another commute option when you have special meetings that require dress attire.